Complete Witch Elf Armor

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Full armor for a woman wishing to play the part of a dark elf. The bra is adjustable and the height of the brassards can also be modified – lowering them a bit allows the wearer greater freedom of movement. The belt surrounding the hip is fastened at its back. The leg pieces and the vambraces are laced up, along their entire length, at their back. Includes torso piece, pauldrons, vambraces, belt, leg pieces, and gorget.

Careful! You may be bewitched by this fierce leather armor piece. The Witch Elf Armor Extended set has everything you need to really set yourself apart whether you’re a wicked witch, dark elf, or simply looking for armor that will quell your enemies in their tracks with a single glance. Includes torso piece, pauldrons, vambraces, belt, leg pieces, and gorget.


Weight: 3.8 kg / 8.4 lbs


Material: Natural Leather, Cattle Hide - Chrome Tanned. Water Resistant Color


Due to the peculiar character of the elements of this set of armor, it's very flexible – it will fit persons of all heights. The armor will fit persons of the following sizes: S, M, and L. The cup of the bra is C.


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Manufacturer Faun-Forge USA
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