Complete Dark Elf Armor

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Step in to the night with this Drizzt inspired set. The chest is protected from both the front and the back. The set includes a broad belt with side pieces descending down onto the hips. The armor can be adjusted to fit persons of various height. The degree to which it is possible to adjust the chest piece and the belt is significant. The vambraces constitute a part of this armor set.

Exotic and wild, this armor is sure to make a statement when you walk through the door. Able to cater to varying heights and body types, this adjustable armor set is sure to be the final touch to your costuming that you’ve been looking for. Includes torso piece, pauldrons, and vambraces.


Weight:   2.3 kg / 5.1 lbs


Material: Natural Leather, Cattle Hide - Chrome Tanned. Water Resistant Color


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Manufacturer Faun-Forge USA
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